Decorating Tips

Arrange your furniture to get the most out of your space and re-arrange regularly, this will revitalise a room give it a new feel.

Direct the furniture to the best attribute in the room,
Use a view, light, fireplace, entertainment unit or feature wall to focus on the best features of the room

Lighting is crucial to create ambience and mood in a room, mix it up and choose different lights including standard and table. You cannot have too many.

When grouping objects together use variation in height and shape and always group in odd numbers

The furniture palette needs to be neutral for longevity, choose charcoal, black and natural tones.
Use home furnishings to add the accent colour and co-ordinate the colour you choose with other objects in the room.

Decorator statement pieces enhance a room and give it the wow factor. Choose objects that have some size and presence.

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