The home is our sanctuary it provides us shelter, warmth and comfort. Sharing it with family and friends is great fun and it’s where we feel most at ease. Our home reflects our journey in life and showcases our treasured collectables. Everything reminds us of where we have been and who we have shared it with. To make a space a home you will need to put your stamp on it.


Furniture and lighting are the foundation in décor. When considering these purchases choose quality pieces that have intrinsic design value. Remember good design is timeless. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid to blend different styles.


A home needs personality and soul. Decorate with objects that have meaning for you, reflecting your travels and favourite shopping haunts. Use texture and colour in cushions and throws, group objects into families but make space around them so they can shine, seek out treasures that bring character. Avoid a display home look. Make your space distinctly yours and tell your story and style. 


Create storage solutions, de-clutter and keep surfaces for the beautiful things you have collected. Only buy things you love. Bring change with paint and textiles the impact is high and the cost low. Frame your photos and make a wall gallery, buy blank canvases and play Picasso, light candles, arrange flowers and enjoy your home.